A trademark indicates any image, word, name, gadget, number,trade or a combination of both, which can be registered graphically as a trademark. A trademark is a visual symbol used in relation to any goods or services to indicate some kind of connection between goods or services and the person using the mark. In order to bring it into the scope of legal definition, the trademark must satisfy the following essential requirements.

Trademark search

Before trademark registration in cochin the trademark search is done to ensure that any trademark that the applicant wishes to register does not cause confusion with the mark already applied.

Any trademark that has ever been filed with any of the five trademark registries in India is available during the public search for the trademark, whether registered or during the trademark registration.

IPO’s search interface currently allows for three types of searches:



c.Vienna Code

To find similar trademarks, the most commonly used search type is the wordmark.

a.Workmark Search

trademark symbol

Wordmark search allows getting the same trademarks as the query entered word. The trademark office fee website allows search queries with three option.Start with – This option provides results that start with the keyword entered. It is a good idea to start with a complete trademark as the results will be very consistent. If no similar results are find, then break the word and try again.

E.g. ‘Lovekart’ in Class 25 (Clothes) gives no results, while ‘Love’ in Class 25 gives more than 200 results.

  • Contains- This option provides results that include starting, ending, or containing the keyword anywhere. It’s always a good idea to do this search because it’s wider than the ‘with start’ and ‘match with’ options but is usually the slowest of the three search types.

E.g. Searching for the keyword “Lovekart” in Class 25 yields no results, thus confirming that there are no trademarks in the middle or end with this keyword. However, the keyword ‘love’ in class 25 provides more than 450 results. (Note that the ‘Start with’ search type only provides up to 200 results.).

  • Match with – This option provides a result that matches the keyword entered. It is not very useful during trademark clearance search. However, if you know the exact trademark registration in cochin and want to quickly find the relevant result, it serves the purpose.

b.Phonetic Search

The phonetic search interface searches for trademark words that sound similar. However, the trademark office fee website does not provide any information regarding how the system works on the backend. But this is a useful search type because it sometimes gives different spelled results but sounds the same.

However, the results are not perfect all the time but this type of search is very useful if your trademark registration in cochin does not pull any relevant result during the wordmark search. In addition to the wordmark search type, running a phonetic search type is also highly recommend.

E.g. A search for ‘lovecart’ in class 25 under phonetic search yields more than 20 results with a few similar marks like Lovecare. Many results are not that relevant, but sometimes phonetic search results magically come up in related results. So it’s worth spending a few extra minutes to make sure.

c. Vienna Code Search

Sometimes, a trademark application for trademark registration in cochin may also contain visual elements that can be difficult to find similar marks. India, being a member of the Vienna Convention, also follows the international classification of rhetorical elements in trademarks.

The Vienna classification only applies to marks with visual elements such as logos. Whenever a trademark application with a visual design is filed in India, it is sent to Vienna for codification to make it easier to find later. To search for identical trademarks with visual elements, search using the Vienna Code (at least six characters) with the class.

Reasons for doing trademark search

Trademark registration


If you are looking for someone to register your trademark, the first step in the process is to thoroughly search for existing trade mark registrations and applications. Here, this tool comes in handy. You can run your initial search to see if your trademark is available or if it was taken by someone else.

After you run a basic search, you can contact a lawyer search to take care of the trademark registration for you.

We take care of all the key functions, so you don’t have to worry about analyzing search results, identifying the right class for your product / service, or making sure you’re submitting your application error-free.

Protect your trademark

If you have completed trademark registration, the trademark search tool is no longer in use. It is also important to make sure your trade mark rights are protect. New trademark applications are submit every day and anyone can try to register you or the same trademark.

The trademark search tool helps you to keep an eye on such possibilities. When someone tries to get you to register your trademark or something like that, you may object.

Through Trademark search, we ensure that your rights are protect by regularly checking new trademark registration and providing you with real-time information about any potential infringement.

Features of trademark registration in India

(1)A trademark is a unique symbol that can be a label or a combination of colors or symbols to identify . You can get a trade mark register under the Trademark Act, 1999. Trademarks enable you and third parties to distinguish your products and services from those associated with your competitors.

(2) When a trademark is register, you can register using the mark on your logo that it is a register trade mark and no one will able to use the same trademark. It prefers the use of a wide range of uses, such as rights. In the event that another person uses the trade mark, at that time, you can also claim the gathering in the same way if you list in the trademark list.