Prior to filing a trademark application, a Trademark search should track down potential with existing trademark applications and, surprisingly, enrolled trademarks. By providing the word mark and the investigation class, a trademark search can be carried out.

A trademark application is made under 45 unique classes according to the NICE classification for Trademark. Every one of the trademark classes addresses an alternate arrangement of labor and products. Individuals should use trademark class finder tools to determine the trademark class for specific goods or services.

A comprehensive report with trademark search results is called a trademark search report. Before submitting an application, it is helpful for individuals or businesses who want to register a trademark.

But need to know everything they can about availability, similar marks, and other details. Intellectual property lawyers may request these reports, which are typically compiled by professional search firms.

Importance of Trademark search

  • Online trademark searches will yield information about a registered trademark or trademark that may sound phonetically similar to your trademark with trademark registration in Cochin.
  • A list of denied marks is given so an individual can check whether the trademark or the Trademark falls under such prohibited characters.
  • If the trademark has a logo, a trademark search will provide you with information and details about similar trademarks under the Vienna code classification.
  • Under the Trademark Act, it is necessary to conduct a trademark search before registering the applicants’ trademark or brand mark logo.
  • If a comparable Trademark exists in the vault of Trademarks, the name can be changed, or an individual can choose another name.
  • The newly applied trademark should be changed or a new name can be chosen if a similar trademark already exists.
  • If the trademark is one-of-a-kind, registration is permitted. Before submitting an application for trademark registration in Cochin, it is always recommended to conduct a trademark search.

Tips for conducting trademark search

To get started, search the trademarks that are listed in the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) of the USPTO. The relevant trademark classifications are displayed alongside registered trademarks in this search.

There are 34 classes of trademarks for items and 11 types for services. The TESS search is completely free. On the USPTO website, you can find advice on how to conduct a successful trademark search. TESS will show both dormant and current trademark registration in Cochin and applications.

Use variations of mark

One of the most important types of trademark searches is the search for trademark variations. Before we get into trademark variation searches, let’s first understand the variation method.

A variation cannot sound the same while also looking the same in word marks. A few examples of word variation include:

  • Fuzion, phusion, phuzion, and different terms can be utilized to search for combination.
  • Natural can also be found as Reyal, Reiyal, Riyal, and so on.
  • Additionally, you can use terms like Kuriocity, Quriocity, and others to search for curiosity.

Nonetheless, you are astounded why variation ID is vital in word mark look.

As a result, if two word marks sound the same, customers may become confused. It could also lead to mark infringement and market infringement. Infringement is punishable and it is possible only for the trademark that has the registration.

Search for similar mark

  • A variant search is a course of searching for words related with your word mark that are phonetically and phonologically equivalent to it. The three reasons why variant searches are necessary for trademark searches for trademark registration in Cochin will be discussed below.
  • Even minor modifications to a word mark can cause customers to become confused. A rival, for instance, might make use of a word mark that already exists but has its spelling changed.
  • Additionally, the customer may become perplexed as a result of this variety, making it challenging to distinguish between a new line of goods and services and those offered by a well-established brand.
  • To determine whether they are infringing on a trademark that has already been registered, individuals and businesses can perform a trademark variant search before ding trademark registration in Cochin.
  • Any organization can avoid infringing on the word mark of another organization by early determining the likelihood of infringement.
  • Besides preventing word mark infringement, variant searches can assist individuals or associations with setting aside time and cash.
  • This is done so that anyone can remove their proposed mark and avoid the time and money spent on trademark prosecution if they find a word mark that is identical to it early on.

Trademark search procedure

Using a web browser, visit the trademark search database in India to conduct a trademark search before trademark registration in Cochin.

At the top of the page, select Word mark as the search type. Enter the word mark you want to search in the trademark database.

There are three conditions that can be used to compare the trademark database to the search query: “start with,” “contains,” and “match with.”

It is necessary to enter the applicable trademark class. Each of the 45 classes of trademarks represents a distinct category of goods and services. In the final step, you can click on search to begin the trademark search.

A registered trademark or application for trademark registration in Cochin will only be relevant to the class for which it is applied.

For seeing the search report of trademark, get into the official website. As a result, all of the necessary information about the existing trademark on the market can be clearly seen. It likewise shows the validity of the trademark, status, date of enlistment, and proprietor data, alongside a depiction


One can quickly decide if a trademark is accessible utilizing the previous hunt choices, in spite of the fact that it is constantly prescribed to counsel experts.

A specialist has the expertise necessary to conduct a thorough trademark search and make an informed decision regarding trademark laws and industry norms. In any case, the choice to give the trademark application rests with the Trademark registry.