Trademark registration is a fundamental system through which a brand can shielded from undesirable use and encroachment. The Indian Government has worked on the trademark registration measure. The Entrepreneurs can now effectively acquire trademark registration for their brands inside a couple of months. In this article, we take a gander at the records needed for acquiring trademark enlistment in India.

Requirements for Trademark registration

Trademark registration in Cochin requires the name, address and ethnicity of the candidate. In the event that the candidate is an association firm, the names of the relative multitude of accomplices. Additionally notice whether any minor is an accomplice.

In the event that the candidate is an organization, the nation or condition of fuse.

Trademark registration requires a list of goods as well as services for which registration is required.

Soft copy of the trademark to enlisted.

In the event that the mark contains or comprises of non-English words, an interpretation of those words into English is required.

In the event that the application is to guarantee need from a previous recorded show application, subtleties of that application is additionally required (application number, documenting date, nation and goods/services). An ensured need report or its appropriately authorized duplicate is to submitted. In the event that the authentication isn’t in English, an affirmed/legally approved English interpretation is likewise required. In case it isn’t promptly accessible, the application can documented dependent on the fundamental application number, date of the application and nation of the application. A duplicate of the need record can submitted inside multi month from the documenting date of the application.

Date of first utilization of the trademark in quite a while, if at all utilized

Force of lawyer basically endorsed by the candidate (no legitimization or authorization is required).

Procedure of trademark registration

trademark registration in cochin

The strategy for enlistment of a trademark by Trademark registration in Cochin is contain in Sections 18-24 of Indian Trademarks Act 1999. Trademark enlistment incorporates the accompanying advances:

  • Trademark Search
  • Application Show all
  • Examination
  • Publication
  • Opposition
  • Registration

Trademark classes

There are absolutely 45 classes record in Fourth Schedule of the Trademarks Act. Each class gives a rundown of labor and products and a trademark that is expected to utilize for any labor and products must enlisted under the class that rundowns such labor and products.

Registration of a trademark in one class offers rights to the proprietor to keep others from utilizing something very similar or comparative trademark with any labor and products identifying with passages under that class. Enlistment of trademark in one class doesn’t restrict others to utilize or register the mark for sections in different classes. On the off chance that any labor and products are not indicate in any of the classes, the Registrar should tact to decide the class under which a trademark utilize for such labor and products can enlist.

Trademark Search

Trademark registration in Cochin technique begins with a ‘trademark search’. A trademark search should possible on the data set at the trademark office. An individual can either play out a trademark search on his/her own by paying the recommended charge of Rs.400 for Fifteen Minutes or solicitation the trademark office for an authority search by paying endorsed expense of Rs.500 per mark per class. The authority trademark search report takes a base time of one month. The report distinguishes enlist trademarks that are same or comparative as the mark for which a hunt is mention and offers a perspective with regards to probability of getting the mark registered.

Application – Trademark Registration

Any individual professing to the owner of the trademark utilized or proposed to utilized by him can apply. The application might made for the sake of an individual, accomplices of a firm, a Corporation, any Government Department, a Trust or joint candidates. The proposition to utilize the trademark might by a Company to shaped or by a person. A specialist/supporter can document application for the benefit of his customer who engages him through a force of lawyer (Form TM-48) on Rs.100 Stamp Paper.


A Trademark application must make on TM1 in three-fold alongside five extra portrayals of the Trademark for Trademark registration in Cochin of single mark in single class by paying endorsed charge. To apply for more than one class, a Single application can made on TM51 in three-fold alongside five extra portrayals by paying recommended expense of some amount per class. To apply for more than one trademark (Series of Marks) for same class of products, a solitary application can make on TM8 in three-fold alongside five extra portrayals by paying the endorsed expense per mark per class.

Then, a trademark application an application number will published.


The application is analyzed within one month from the date of utilization to check on the off chance that it meets the prerequisites of the Trademarks Act 1999.

Necessities gave under Section 9 and 11 are as per the following:

The trademark,

1. Ought to be particular;

2. Ought not be graphic;

3. Ought not be conventional;

4. Ought not be misleading;

5. Ought not hurt the strict opinions of any class or segment of the residents of India;

6. Ought not contain shocking or profane matter;

7. Ought not contain marks precluded by Emblems and names (avoidance of inappropriate use) Act, 1950;

8. Ought not be the state of goods which results from the idea of the products;

9. Ought not be indistinguishable with a prior trademark;

10. Ought not forestalled by excellence of any law and specifically the law of passing off; and

11. Ought not be a notable trademark.

In the event that the trademark meets all prerequisites of the Act, the trademark will acknowledged for registration. In case there are any protests, the vault will send an examination report expressing the purposes behind complaint. The reaction to the complaints can recorded within one month from the date of receipt of the examination report. The reaction can sent via a sworn statement and a consultation can mentioned if vital.


On the off chance that the trademark is acknowledged for registration, the subtleties of the application will promoted in the Official Journal of trademarks within a half year from the date of acknowledgment of use.


On notice, any individual who accepts that a trademark registration in Bangalore ought not to registered may go against its enlistment by Trademark registration in within 90 days from the ad date expressing the grounds of opposition. Every one of the necessities of the Trademark Registration are substantial justification for opposition. On the off chance that no opposition is document against the application, or then again in case opposition is fruitless, the trademark will registered.


Trademarks Registry of India will then, at that point send a Certificate of Registration and record the subtleties of the trademark in the Register of trademarks. And the trademark will enlisted from the date of recording of use, not from the date it was inspect or acknowledge.