A trademark registration is a visual representation of a name, word, label, gadget or numeric characters used by a business to differentiate its merchandise and/or administrations from other similar products and/or administrations getting from an alternate business. A TM fills in as an elite character of the products and/or administrations that an individual is offering/selling from other such merchandise/administrations.

A trademark once it’s enlist is an untouchable asset or intellectual property for a business which is utilize to safeguard the company’s investment in the brand or ideogram.

A TM can get enlist once it is peculiar for the labor and products that are being given. Offered trademarks that are similar or identical to an already existing enlist trademark cannot get enrolled. Other than this, trademarks that are tricky, nonexclusive, hostile, similar, contains solely ensured images, and so on cannot enlisted all things considered.

In India, trademarks get enroll by the Regulator General of Patents Plans and Trademarks, Service of Business and Industry, Legislature of India. Trademarks in India are enlist under the Trademark Act, 2016 and authorizes the trademark proprietor with an option to sue for damages when contraventions of trademarks happen.

Following the registration of the trademark, ™ image can utilized by the proprietor and the said trademark registration in Cochin will be valid for a fixed time of 10 years. Be that as it may, the enroll trademarks approaching their expiry can easily re-established by applying for a trademark renewal application for an all-inclusive time of another 10 years.

Benefits of a Trademark registration in Cochin

The greatest advantage to having an enrolled trademark is to having a solid brand can act as an immediate connection between the client and the item by making sure they are reliable and associated to the business for a lasting timeframe.

There are many different benefits, for instance,

A trademark registration in Cochin offers credits to the wellspring of the great and administration. An enlisted trademark guarantees quality great and administration enrolled trademark assists in the advertisement of merchandise as well as administrations.

Significance of a Trademark registration in Cochin

Trademark Registration in Cochin

As it is clear from above the fact that it is so advantageous to enlist a trademark while maintaining a business, let us currently understand the significance of the registration:

A TM gives elite personality

Since the time the market place has become busy with an ever increasing number of companies and brands it has got near difficult to differentiate among them. Consequently, the lone demarcation between companies for restrictiveness to attract clients to have the option to stand out is by getting a select trademark enrolled.

A TM is ceaseless

As referenced above registration of trademarks accompany a validity of 10 long years which can additionally recharge easily after at regular intervals before expiry and along these lines, a trademark can last as long as the business is alive or much more!

A TM fills in as a safeguard

For each business visionary it is fundamental to make sure that his/her brand is safeguard against contest. Presently, in case the trademark that the individual has been attempting to assemble already has an enrolled trademark by another person, then, at that point not exclusively does that individual loses business and altruism in the market yet additionally loses the advantage to forbid others from utilizing the same trademark. Consequently, protecting the trademark shall safeguard the trademark/business, which further assists the individual by keeping others from utilizing similar trademark.

A TM is economical

The expense of a trademark registration

just a one-time cost. Additionally, the time-frame and strategy of a trademark registration in Cochin has also been diminish satisfactorily. A trademark registration in Cochin currently takes about a half year to 1 year to deal with a trademark registration application.

In addition, when the trademark gets enlist, the same is valid for a time span of 10 years which can easily recharged like clockwork before expiry of the trademark.

A TM is an asset

An enrolled trademark is an absolute asset for the business/brand/company which straightforwardly gets back altruism. Subsequently, the desirability of a trademark flourishes with the development of the business. In fact, an enrolled trademark can sold, transferred or purchased or even used as a security to obtain a loan which is similar to any of the other tangible assets.

Bit by bit system to enlist a trademark

The interaction to get a trademark enlist includes recording of the trademark registration in Cochin application, examination of the trademark, publication or advertisement of the trademark, resistance (complaints) whenever raise/discover, registration of the trademark and renewal of the trademark after like clockwork.

Stages of Trademark Registration

The technique to enlist a trademark is basic, in any case, it is prescribe to utilize/get assistance from a specialist trademark lawyer for the registration strategy to make it easier and dependable.

Stage 1: To search for a trademark

The applicant should be careful while picking his/her trademark. Since, there are already huge loads of various sorts of trademarks available, when a trademark is pick, it is essential to carry out a public search on the trademarks database which is available with the Trade Marks Vault to make sure that the trademark is exceptional and that there could no other trademark which is either similar or identical to his/her trademark.

The trademark search unveils all the kinds of trademarks that are already available in the market, either enlisted or unregistered. The search further tells whether the applied trademark has a rivalry for the same trademark.

Stage 2: To document the trademark application

The application for registration of the trademark can either document in a solitary class or a multi-class totally relying upon the labor and products the business pertains to.

The registration application is Form TM-A which can either documented online through the official IP India site or physically at the Trade Marks Office which relies upon the locale of the trademark.

The application for trademark registration in Cochin has to uphold with various archives with complete details of the trademark for which the registration is look for. Additionally, in case the applicant is claiming earlier use in the trademark, then, at that point a client affidavit has to record supporting the usage along with the proof of its earlier usage.

Stage 3: Examination of the trademark application by the public authority

Post the documenting of the trademark application, a mandatory examination report is given by the Examiner after a broad examination of the trademark application in consonance with the rules of the Trade Marks Act, 2016.

The examination report by the authority may or may not reveal a few protests which can be either, absolute, relative or procedural. This examination report by the Trademark Authority is giving inside a time of 30 days of having record the registration application.

An answer to the examination report is need to documented inside a time of 30 days after getting the report asserting the arguments and proof against any issues with waive them off.

Stage 4: Post-examination

After the documenting of the answer to the examination report, the Examiner (Trademark Authority) may appoint a hearing if the Examiner isn’t altogether satisfied by the answer recorded or in case the protests are not met. After the said hearing, the Examiner may accept the mark and accordingly forward the application for publication in the journal or reject the said application if any complaint actually continues.

Stage 5: Advertisement of the trademark

When the registration application hasaccepted, the said trademark is advertised and also distributed in the Trade Marks Journal for a time of 4 months. The Trademark Registration in cochin aim behind the publication and advertisement is to welcome the general public to documenting a resistance against the registration of the mark.

Stage 6: Resistance from general public

Post the advertisement and publication of the trademark in the journal, any aggrieved individual can document a notification to go against the registration of the advertised/distributed trademark. In case the applied for trademark is against/protested, then, at that point the fair treatment of law has to follow which incorporates documenting the counter-statement application, proof as well as hearing to get the trademark enlisted.

Stage 7: Registration of the trademark

The final advance towards the whole strategy is registration where the application continues to registration after overcoming the complaint and/or the resistance against the said trademark registration in Cochin.

What are the various sorts of trademark units in India?

In India, trademarks can enlisted in various kinds, for instance, logo, label, word mark as well as gadget mark. Therefore, the choice to enroll the trademark as a word mark or a logo is a really troublesome choice to make.

Word Mark

This easiest of the other available trademarks, a word mark indicates the name of the brand for instance, Jio or Britannia has trademark just the word.

A word mark self-enrolls the word. After a trademark registration gets enrolled for a word mark, the applicant has an absolute right to use and address the word in any format or textual style which allows it broader assurance which incorporates restrictive rights to the word in general and portray it in various formats independent of its style for all the labor and products pertaining to the mark.


A logo on the contrary provides the trademark holder the rights in the combination of images, words and design considered together. For instance, Nike, Adidas etc. Besides this, if the business logo is undisputed recognize by the viewers/ customers, the applicant would want to file a trademark for that specific logo.

The shield provide to the words in a logo mark are restrict when compare with the standard word marks because the rights in a logo are only legitimate as a whole. So if a person desires to register a distinct designed appearance or a union of stylized words and design, registering a trademark as a logo would be suitable.

Mark integrated logo

Often a business brand name consists of both names and logos for example Jack & Jones (a global clothing manufacturer) has a sophisticated logo design, which even includes the labeling of it on the back of its jeans. And the best way to protect an intellectual property in such a case would be to put a trademark, or logo, on it. But because making several commercial applications is very expensive, it is always recommend to register a trademark as a trademark.

A unique word and logo and application must install to achieve a wider shield. But it may be less expensive for start-ups. Therefore, it is recommend that you register a trademark as a trademark, giving the applicant the largest shield in accordance with any potential violations.